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Why do farms need solar?

Solar panels are not just useful for generating clean electricity in the UK, they can also be used on farming land to provide useful heat. Farmers across the country are using solar energy – from heating water to powering farm buildings and improving productivity.

Here, we look at how farmers are discovering that installing a solar system can turn into more than just an eco-friendly way of getting their power – it’s also a cost-effective method of boosting profitability too. We’ve also got details of some of the grants available, so read on.

How do farmers use solar energy?

Because it is sunny here in Britain for longer hours during summer months when demand is at its highest, many farmers have found ways to harness this vital resource to reduce costs and increase profits! Running any farm is hard work, but with eco-friendly technology like solar panels, you can save more energy and improve your agricultural processes.

Can you get government grants for solar panels?

Originally, the government made a specific grant available to farmers who wanted to invest in solar power. This has now ended, but there are still other financial incentives in place – particularly if your business is classed as ‘high value’. Many local authorities also offer grants and many will consider funding at least part of the up-front cost of installing the technology. If your business uses more than 20 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity per year, it’s likely to qualify as a high value under Ofgem’s Category A criteria. To find out what level of support might be on offer from your council or local authority.

Should all farms be eco friendly?

Solar panels are not something that you usually associate with farms. This is because they look out of place on a farm in the UK, and nobody thinks that farmers need to be eco friendly. However solar panels can save money for farms; making them more profitable. In addition, they produce zero emissions meaning that it is environmentally beneficial as well. Nevertheless, why do farms need solar?

Why do farms need solar?

Solar energy is clean and cheap energy that will never run out (unlike fossil fuel). It has many uses but one of these uses include powering all your household appliances; including lighting, heating and cooling. Solar cells have been improving rapidly over the last few years which means we are able to collect more sunlight than before, so in many ways this is great news.

Energy production

Sunshine is an amazing source of renewable energy that can be used to power the UK’s devices. In fact, when we’re talking about solar panels for farms, sunlight is so powerful that if we could collect and use 100% of it; we’d actually produce enough energy to power the whole world for a year! That’s incredible considering solar panels are only able to generate around 20-40% efficiency.

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