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Why are high-speed doors important in the food industry?

Fast doors improve work in areas of passage, as well as the loading and unloading of food. Classified basically in two types, stackable and roll-up, there are multiple applications for these door models and they are aimed at diverse business sectors. Thus, stainless steel models can be found for the agri-food and refrigeration sectors; special canvas doors up to -30Cº etc.

The truth is that in the industrial world these doors are a series of advantages such as profitability, reliability, safety and durability, among other factors, which characterize the various models and versions that can be found in the market.

In this sense, the rapid doors prevent temperature leaks, which mean savings in air conditioning and energy. Also, high speed doors reduce the entry of smoke, dust, odors by raising the level of hygiene of their facilities. On the other hand, they are prepared to perform more than 2,000 maneuvers a day – in the event of a breakdown, Speed ​​Door puts at your disposal an effective after-sales department.

Main advantages of the fast doors
They are fast: this is one of the main advantages of this type of doors, which are very fast. In addition, they have a mechanism with control to regulate the speed of the door, both opening and closing.

They accept large dimensions: we can custom-make these types of doors so that they adapt without problems to the space of your installation. This great advantage is one of the characteristics that gives an added value to fast doors.

They are hermetic: they have a sliding system thanks to the side rails and a lateral self-lubrication system of the canvas, which facilitates its rapid movement. In addition, the levels of hermeticity are assured and are very resistant to the inclemencies weather like wind or rain.

They are very safe: this type of doors do not have crossbars or rigid elements, so the safety of people and goods is guaranteed.

They are insulators: this type of doors allows high levels of insulation thanks to the use of different thicknesses of canvas. Thus, we can manufacture fast doors with tarpaulins up to 3.5 mm thick, which allows to achieve excellent levels of insulation.

They are prepared against electrical faults : these doors can work in the event of a failure or power failure, thanks to its emergency opening, using a crank, or counterweights, for example.

They are easy to maintain: they require very little maintenance and are easy to clean, as they are made of canvas.

They allow the passage of light : the material with which they are made allows the inclusion of transparent PVC peepholes, so they let light in and see the spaces it separates.

For all these advantages, we can find fast doors in laboratories, department stores or different industries that require these elements of separation of spaces with faster access than usual and that have good levels of security, insulation or tightness.

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