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What’s the main advantage of using traffolyte?

Put simply, traffolyte is cost-effective, reliable and proven over many years, offering excellent performance for a wide range of applications. Since traffolyte sheets are relatively inexpensive, you can print many signs, tags and labels from one sheet. They are also really durable and don’t need any maintenance, while the material is resistant to many solvents, chemicals and acids. Many of the signs that you see daily, whether driving or looking at shop fronts, are manufactured using traffolyte sheets, so even if you don’t know an awful lot about this material, it’s highly likely you’ll have one or a few examples just a few metres from you!

traffolyte sheet is formed under a high pressure. For example, it’s carefully created by pressing layers of acrylic laminate together under very high heat and pressure. The end-result is a durable substance which can be cleanly and precisely engraved.

So what are the features?

Clear and sturdy

Traffolyte may be a phenolic urea engraving sheet made from with three coloured layers so engraved lettering or shapes are revealed in colours different to the non-engraved area. It is available in multiple colours and 1.5mm or 3mm breadths. This material is rigid, very hard wearing and acid and alkali resistant.

Variety of finishes (and fixings)

TCE supply traffolyte engraved signs, labels and tags able to fix to a good range of coverings. This includes self-adhesive fixings, pre-drilled holes for screw fixing, chains or pins, or accurately dimensioned to suit slide-in holders. The fabric is out there during a wide choice of colours and finishes.

Incorporating your logo

Our laser engraver and cutting machine can produce signs and labels to your exact requirements. We will incorporate your logo and work to most designs and shapes.

Metallic finishes available

We can also supply traffolyte during a range of metallic finishes, providing a highly durable, low maintenance and low-cost alternative for nameplates and plaques. It is also available within the following effects: silver, chrome steel, aluminium, gold, antique gold, brass, and copper.

Engraved traffolyte tags have a beautiful finish which is why people use them as an ornamental material. Also, the fabric is amenable, and you’ll get personalised designs for your exclusive use. As an example, you’ll prefer to have holes or adhesives on the traffolyte tags to fix them on things like doors or to connect the labels on other surfaces. You’ll engrave attractive images on the traffolyte tags, and that they are lightweight and available in varied thicknesses.

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