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What’s a roller shutter grille?

There’s a classic style that comes to mind when you think of a roller shutter grille. It is generally an open style chainlink grille that may be a very suitable alternative to a solid roller shutter. You will often see these used in various retail and industrial environments. With modern and stylish lines, combined with great deal of open space, these roller grilles are beautiful and effective security devices. Unlike roller shutters, they allow plenty of natural light into a space, meaning people who pass by a store can still see the products and advertisements inside, so you’re not necessarily closing off that avenue.

Most roller shutter grilles use aluminium tubes threaded onto aluminium or steel rods to make sure there is efficient and smooth running within the guides, with self-lubricating rod rollers fitted with special domed locking caps holding the rollers, tubes and links in position. Being very versatile and popular see-through shutters are ideal for bars, restaurants, shop windows, garages and industrial situations. Operation is usually either manual spring loaded with a key lock or electric. The decision is up to you! Below are just a few of the main features.

Lath & Curtain
Single lengths of horizontal lath are held together through the interlocking shape of the lath, either a flat or convexed quirk is used . End caps are riveted on each end of the lath to lock all of them into place and form the roller shutter grille.

Roller assembly
This is often a steel or aluminium tube fitted at each side of the top plate, which is employed to carry the shutter curtain. The curtain rolls round the roller assembly when in use.

The rollers are often locked with numerous methods which will include side guide bullet lock, ground lock, or central bottom rail lock.

Guide Channels
The “U” shaped vertical sections are located at the edges of the door allowing the curtain to slip up and down securely.

A motor is positioned at the highest of the door and powers all the mechanical components of the shutter.

Safety Brake
Prevents the door from dropping, for example, in the event of motor failure where pedestrian or vehicle access is needed.

This surrounds the components of the roller door at high level to stop entrapment and improve aesthetics.

With so many innovative roller shutters and grilles it’s always best to choose a leading global industrial door manufacturer. Roller shutters are ideal for top and wide door openings thanks to their space-saving roller technology and hardwearing curtains. Try to find a design that meets the very best product and safety requirements (EN 13241-1) with reference to mechanical characteristics, heat and noise insulation, wind resistance, and watertightness. Also, choose a simple, robust design as these are perfect for a good range of industrial applications. They’re popular for enclosed parking spaces and garages, especially if you need a good amount of ventilation and theft protection, for instance for securing spaces with large shop fronts inside shopping malls, where low headroom is often a challenge, as well as protecting underground parking garages. So there you have it, these are a few of the reasons why so many businesses invest in these grilles.

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