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What You Need To Know About Height Safety Harness Kits

As businesses and individuals become more and more safety conscious, the importance put on the right equipment for employees is becoming even more critical. In this blog post, we wanted to outline what height safety harnesses are and the different types out there.

If you have to work at a height, you need to take precautions and ensure your safety. One of the ways you can do this is to use a height safety harness. Fortunately, these harnesses come in kits, but you need to know more about what these kits have to offer.

The Types Of Height Safety Harness Kits

When you first look at safety harness kits, you might think they are all the same. This is incorrect as there are different types of kits on offer. Some of these kits are made with restraint only in mind while others offer fall arrest. It is also important to note that certain kits are designed with specific users in mind.

To determine the type of harness kit you need to get, you have to know what you need. Are you looking for a harness that offers fall protection or restraint only? You also need to consider who will be using it. The kit for a construction worker will be different to the kit for a crane maintenance engineer.

What Is Included In The Kits

Height safety harness kits come with a range of pre-selected items. Some kits will have more than others, but there are certain items that are included in all kits. The item that you will get in all kits is the harness itself. The harness in these kits has been created to fit most people and offers space for other parts of the kit to be attached.

If you are looking at a restraint only kit, they will include a restraint lanyard. The length of this yard varies depending on the kit you are looking at. These kits will generally have screw gate snap hooks.

If you are looking at a kit with fall arrest, they will have a shock-absorbing rope lanyard. The length of this lanyard does vary depending on the kit. These kits also have screw gates.

If your kit is for an entry-level construction worker, the kit will need to have a webbing retractor and anchor sling. Other kits for this industry will have a winch which can be used to stop falls.

If you are going to work at heights, you need to have a height safety harness kit. These kits have all the safety gear you need to work at these heights. When looking at these kits you have to consider the height you work at and the protection that you need to ensure you get the right gear.

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