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What Is Vacuum Handling Equipment?

What are vacuum handling devices and how exactly are they used? Material handling devices are types of equipment used in any facility where handling processes are required. These types of devices have the ability to move and lift a load to a location and then put it down. They do this lifting and moving process with the help of a vacuum system. Used across a number of different industries, this specialist equipment can help to improve efficiency, speed and quality of work.

There are typically two different types of vacuum handling equipment. The first type is a vacuum tube lifter whereas the second type is a vacuum lifting unit. Each of these material handling devices is extremely helpful and versatile. The vacuum tube lifter, for example, is helpful for intra-logistic materials or smaller handling tasks. The vacuum lifting device, on the other hand, will often be found in a facility that incorporates a variety of production processes.

Two of the more important targets for material handling equipment include efficiency and ergonomics. The manufacturers of these material handling devices want to create a work station for an operator that conforms with all safety and health standards. The innovative and intelligent design of these unique machines truly helps to support the operator with a multiple of tasks.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of machinery is the fact that the devices can drastically reduce and even sometimes help to avoid health-related work stoppages. When using these types of machines, employees will be less fatigued. This can lead to an increase in productivity while at the same time causing a rise in morale throughout the entire workforce. Companies who design and manufacture material handling equipment will have a representative visit your company to provide you with information on specific designs that can be compatible with for your product and workforce.

Material handling devices are used in a variety of application areas. For example, the vacuum tube lifter can help an operator lift and move different types of loads including barrels, buckets, sheets, boxes, or sacks. Material handling equipment is even being used at larger airports to help lift suitcases.

Typically, vacuum tube lifters can lift up to 300 kg ergonomically and quickly. The vacuum lifting unit is able to handle heavier loads up to 750 kg. These powerful machines can easily handle heavy loads such as plastic sheets, metal sheets, glass sheets, windows, doors, and so forth.

As mentioned previously, there is a variety of design options. However, all of the material handling units have one feature in common. They provide a simple and innovative solution to ensure that all of your company’s material handling requirements are properly met.

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