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What Are Slewing Rings Use For?

If you operate any type of large equipment, there are likely parts of that equipment that are going to have a rotating element. In some cases, it will be responsible for lifting and lowering heavy loads, some of which will be slow oscillating loads, whereas others will be slow turning. These are typically on some type of a horizontal platform that accompanies a swing yard or, or a conventional crane, devices that can lift extreme amounts of weight. Round in appearance, featuring a multitude of ball bearings inside, they are one of the most important components on heavy machinery today. Here is an overview of how these are used.

What Exactly Is A Slewing Ring?

Also referred to as a slewing bearing, these are pieces of metal that are specifically designed to have a rotational element. There are bearings inside, typically spherical balls or ball bearings, that are used to support and also rotate heavy loads. In most of them, there will be a set of two separate rolling elements. There will also be race elements which may include two outer rings and one inner ring that work together on an axis. Once installed, they will make it possible for the heavy equipment to easily lift, manoeuvre, and lower loads that they are moving.

How Is It Used On Heavy Machinery?

On most pieces of heavy machinery that are used for lifting heavy loads, they will often need to have 360° rotation. There are many complex components within these machines, and in the midst of all of this, a slewing ring will be placed to handle tilting, radial movement, and also any type of thrust. One of the main benefits of this ring is that it does not have a shaft. It is hollow in the middle. This eliminates any need for a king post or a spindle to be used for it to be useful when the machine is operating. Therefore, once the hydraulic component of the machines is engaged, along with the control components, they should move without incident.

Common Problems With Slewing Rings

There are certain problems that you can avoid if you use and maintain these properly. The most common problem is that it will not have proper lubrication. Inside of each slewing ring, amidst all of the ball bearings, is a certain amount of lubrication that allows the balls to move freely. Although they are in a confined circular area, without lubrication, they may not be able to move without sticking. That’s why maintenance is always necessary on slewing rings that you are using to ensure they are properly installed and they are properly lubricated.

If you are a mechanic working on a vehicle, or if you are responsible for the operations of heavy machinery, you should have no problem with finding and maintaining a slewing ring. As long as they are lubricated, they can last for a substantial amount of time, pending that the weight limitations of the machine are not compromised. You can easily find replacements in stores that sell components for heavy machinery. You simply need to provide the type of slewing ring that you need. If it is a piece of modern equipment, or even if it is decades old, finding one of these slewing rings will be very easy to accomplish.

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