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What are rotary screw compressors and how can they help your business?

You work hard and expect the same from your tools and equipment. Once it involves air compressors, things can get tricky right? Well they don’ need to. There are plenty of compact, powerful and cost-effective models to choose from and one of the most common options for industry businesses is a rotary screw compressor. These workhorses are designed to run twenty-four hours daily, seven days every week, and fifty-two weeks a year – for several years. If you’re serious about your work, upgrade to a rotary screw air compressor!

Rotary screw compressors get the name from the means of producing compressed gas. As air enters the water valve, it’s at bay and squeezed between 2 spinning rotors. Because the rotors intermesh, they compress the degree of at bay air and push it out of the exhaust line to attain desired volume and pressure.

Why select a Rotary Screw compressor?

Get the job done quicker.

You’ll never need to wait for your mechanical device to “cool down” once more. Rotary compressors are designed for a 100 percent duty cycle, which implies they will run unendingly while not warming — saving you time (and a headache), minimising downtime.

Use it longer.

As a result of the inner rotors and bearings are oil-sealed, the inner elements last years longer and maintain a similar performance for a majority of the compressor’s life. The inner rotors don’t rot, which implies no friction, less maintenance, and an extended come on your investment.

Runs quietly.

If you run a business, don’t subject your staff (or customers) to uncomfortably loud and potentially unsafe environments. An indoor rotary screw mechanical device runs quieter, so that they is put in on the point of workspaces while not requiring hearing protection.

Enjoy price and energy savings. Though the direct price could also be more than mutual compressors, what you’ll get is longer operating life, redoubled capabilities, and also the reliability solely superior rotary screw technology will give. Over time, rotary screw compressors can pay for themselves by running longer and additional with efficiency, that means you’ll need to pay a lot of less time worrying concerning operation hours and dependable air offer — all whereas enjoying a extended mechanical device life.

Choose your speed for even additional savings. Variable Speed Drive (VSD) rotary screw compressors tweak the frequency and voltage feeding the motor, increasing its potency by calculative air compression wants instantly. Simply put, it solely uses the energy needed for the task at hand and doesn’t overwork your machine by wasting power.

 Electrical Phase

It’s important to note that there’s another option to single-phase and that is three-phase. Single-phase electricity is found in residential settings whereas three-phase electricity is most generally found in industrial locations and settings. Seek advice from your linesman and or call in an expert to see which sort you have got.

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