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Testing A Battery

Testing is an important part of keeping a healthy battery. Without regular testing, many batteries can often run out of power when left alone, or become faulty with use. So its important to have some kind of maintenance schedule that involves regularly testing the battery.

An important check to make when testing the battery is to measure the gravity. To do this buy a temperature compensating hydrometer at an auto parts store. Another test is to measure voltage, which is done using a digital D.C. Voltmeter.

When testing the battery must be fully charged. The surface charge must also be removed before testing. If the battery has been setting at least 6 hours you may begin testing. To remove surface charge the battery must experience a load of 20 amps for 3 plus minutes. Turning on the headlights (high beam) will do the trick. After turning off the lights you are ready to test the battery.

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