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Should you leave tools in your vehicle or shed?

The crime rate for theft of tools is increasing every single year, petty criminals often specifically target tools due to the high value some of them have. Ensuring your tools are kept safe should be a priority and something to take seriously otherwise you could be at risk of being targeted.

Vehicles – where possible you should never leave any high-value tools or equipment in vehicles. You should lock them in a safe space especially if you have a branded vehicle which could indicate to criminals that you are likely to have expensive tools or equipment.

Sheds – you should try to avoid leaving any high-value items in your shed either as these tend to be a magnet for criminals. If you must leave items in your shed you should use a deadbolt lock. You should also avoid sheds with windows as these can be easily shattered.

Where possible you should aim to keep high-value tools and equipment in a secure locked garage or inside your home. But if you must leave in your garden or shed you should consider intruder alarms, CCTV, and tagging your items.

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