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Recommended DIY Tools – The Essentials

When it comes to DIY, there aren’t so much any ‘tools of the trade’, but more of a personal preference when it comes to tool selection. Understanding the most useful tools and how they work for each job is part of the DIY process. There are however some tools that builders and craftsman recommend for certain jobs around the home.

Set of screw drivers

Definitely and essential choice, a set of 5 or 6 screwdrivers is necessary for many DIY jobs. Electricians screwdrivers are good quality and come in a pack of slotted and cross head for most screw sizes. A quality set is worth spending a bit more money on as the tips on cheaper screwdrivers tend to wear more easily.

Junior Hack saw

A great tool, used for small sawing jobs on wood or metal such metal pipes, trimming window blinds to size,  or cutting hard to reach pipes.

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