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Professional Wallpaper Strippers

Have you ever wondered why professional painters and decorators can carry out work a lot quicker than you and the family? It’s because they have the tools at their disposal and most professional decorators will have a steam wallpaper stripper.

These machines range from very basic to professional, but the higher-priced models do tend to be a lot more powerful so multi-layer wallpaper jobs are not so problematic. Some models have numerous thermal protection devices and a pressure release valve, while you’re able to strip significant amounts of paper quickly for long periods.

The best models will include a rigid aluminium frame that surrounds the boiler, and this provides added protection, so they’re able to withstand any wear and tear from day to day usage.

The cost of wallpaper strippers varies with some of the cheaper models being suitable for home use.  If you intend to go into business as a painter and decorator, we recommend an industrial standard one, which of course will cost a lot more.

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