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Laser levels; Are they worth investing in?

As technology continuously improving and that includes the world of construction too. There are many new power tools and gadgets that make construction and labour that little bit easier with the help of technology. Laser levels are becoming a popular investment for large construction firms, and that because they are extremely easy to use and provide great accuracy to the... Read More

What type of drill should you buy?

Buying a drill can be a daunting task, with so many to choose from. We have broken the types of drills to make it a little bit easier for you: Masonry drill- A masonry drills, also known as a hammer drills are mainly used for harder surfaces such as concrete or brick. With a rotating and hammering motion, they are power through the toughest of materials. Pistol grip- This is... Read More

How to Make Your Bathroom or Kitchen Stand Out

How to make your bathroom or kitchen stand out Stainless steel tile trim can be a great way to add decoration and strength to tile in your bathroom or kitchen. You can purchase them for as little as £7.35. To install the trim you will need a small number of tools and materials. This can take time to accomplish, however, the end result can change a space for the... Read More

How Replacement Tool Handles Can Change The Way a Tool Works

Replacement tool handles allow for a tool to be customised, changing the way they are held. They are great for making good tools better, and can even change the way that some tools work entirely. Replacement tool handles are useful if the standard ones fitted are starting to become loose. This will tend to happen with some tools after being used many times, but they can also... Read More

Garage Cranes and Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment such as small to medium-sized cranes can be extremely useful to have in a garage. Many jobs that involve working with heavy equipment or parts of machinery sometimes require the use of a crane to be manageable. Fortunately, there are many different types of cranes available that are suitable for garage jobs such as these. A common type of crane used in... Read More