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What are the main types of industrial doors?

Industrial doors are available a variety of shapes and sizes, covering every need during a commercial setting – from maximum security to flexible temperature control. With numerous types to settle on from, it can be difficult to seek out the proper solution for your business needs and that’s where (hopefully) our article will help. We want to make your decision a little... Read More

Home tool kit

Having a tool kit handy in your home can be a great way to help you get those DIY jobs done around the house. But what tools are needed in a home tool kit? Screwdriver- one of the most used tools in your home. Needed to tighten screws, open and change batteries on a toy, or to fix a shelf or cupboard. Get a variety of sized and those with different ends to make it easier.... Read More

Bearings – The Marvel Of The Engineering World

Most people have heard of bearings before. They are used in many different industries. These are highly precise components, usually designed in a circular or cylindrical fashion, that can increase productivity. They are designed to be durable, reliable, and to handle high rotation speeds. Depending upon the quality of the material used, and how they are designed, they can... Read More

Why choose a radio control hoist lift in your workplace

Creating a safe working environment for workers is an essential part of a construction site. One way to maximise safety and minimise the risk of injury is to supply lifting machines, meaning heavy loads do not need to be moved manually. A Hoist lift is a popular piece of machinery in a worksite, as it helps move heavy loads safely. To improve safety further is to have a... Read More

What’s the main advantage of using traffolyte?

Put simply, traffolyte is cost-effective, reliable and proven over many years, offering excellent performance for a wide range of applications. Since traffolyte sheets are relatively inexpensive, you can print many signs, tags and labels from one sheet. They are also really durable and don’t need any maintenance, while the material is resistant to many solvents,... Read More