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What Is A Ball Bearing?

Ball bearings are made to roll. They are balls that are typically made of steel, ceramic, chrome, and plastic. Perhaps surprisingly to many, they have been around for hundreds of years and are constantly being evolved to meet all kinds of needs, so they are found in many applications from machinery to cars and much more. One of the first commercially used ball bearings was... Read More

The Benefits of a Circular Saw

A circular saw is the handiest and most versatile saw you can own. Whilst it may not have the precision of a table saw, the circular saw is much easier to transport and use on the go. Circular saws are excellent for DIY jobs and for commercial use. The circular saw can be used for cutting large pieces of wood, plastic, metal, concrete or most any other material such as tile or... Read More

What Are Slewing Rings Use For?

If you operate any type of large equipment, there are likely parts of that equipment that are going to have a rotating element. In some cases, it will be responsible for lifting and lowering heavy loads, some of which will be slow oscillating loads, whereas others will be slow turning. These are typically on some type of a horizontal platform that accompanies a swing yard or,... Read More

Understanding Sharpening Devices to Keep Garden Tools Primed

The better you look after your tools, the better they will look after you and keeping them sharp is one way to do this. The sharper your garden tools are, the safer and more efficient they will be. Before you invest in a sharpening tool, learn more about the options, in order to choose what is best for you: • Whetstones- are blocks of fine-grained stone. There are two types... Read More

Benefits Of Investing In Screw Compressors

Screw compressors work efficiently by increasing the pressure of trapped gas on the inlet while gradually decreasing the amount on the discharge. The process concurrently results in an increase in pressure. The equipment comes in two variations, including wet and dry screw compressors. The first model works with the aid of oil in between the screws while the dry type achieves... Read More