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Understanding Lifting Slings

Lifting slings are used in many industries to safely and effectively lift and move objects with a crane or other moving machinery. Knowing that a lifting sling is required is important, but you need to know more about these slings. It is important that you know about the types of slings and when they should be used. Factors To Consider When choosing a lifting sling,... Read More

Pillow Block And Plumber Block Bearings

Have you ever heard of a plumber blocks or pillow block bearing? Some people may think that they are the same thing but there are some quite subtle differences. Pillow block bearings are extremely common and popular because of their highly balanced and very calculated engineered design. They have been successfully been used in a wide variety of industries for decades. A... Read More

What Are Industrial Engraving Machines Used For?

Industry professionals are constantly looking to increase their productivity levels, along with innovation, which are some of the main challenges in the industry. In order to meet demands, it is important to have the right equipment that has unparalleled reliability and a fast return on investment. If you need to engrave large items or high volumes, you will need... Read More

Understanding Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the atmosphere on earth with oxygen making up just 21%. Nitrogen gas is used in many industries such as mining and food packaging. For many of these industries to function as is required, they need a constant supply of nitrogen gas. A lot of companies choose to use nitrogen cylinders to get the gas they require to perform their industrial... Read More

Why is traffolyte a popular material in the sign industry?

Traffolyte has long been popular in the signage industry, and though it’s only one of a handful of popular materials used to make signs and nametags, it’s only growing in terms of usage, especially here in the UK. As a type of plastic, it’s very strong, durable and can be easily manufactured in bright colours, whilst it’s an incredibly easy material to engrave too.... Read More