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Illuminating High-Rack Storage Areas

Many storage areas make use of a range of different organisation systems in order to make the best use of the available space. One of these are the high-rack storage shelves, which are often used in warehouses and other larger utility buildings.

Since high-rack storage areas often maximise the available space, the racks themselves are often tightly packed together. This creates long aisles that are tall, narrow and as a result are difficult to illuminate. To counter this, LED lights are often used, these allow shadowed zones to be clearly lit, ensuring safer truck manoeuvring and clear visibility of bays, items and labels.

LED lights are used because the lighting system must deliver clear, as well as vertical illumination. LED lights ensure excellent reach, clear readability and good, glare-free upwards visibility. Movement sensors can also be fitted on LED lights, allowing for smart light management and reducing energy costs.

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