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How to Select the Best Cordless Drill for Your Needs

You’re out shopping for a nice cordless drill. “How do I select the best one?” you ask yourself. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as comparing price and features on the boxes of each model. Before you buy the first drill that catches your eye, here are some things to consider.

The comfort of use is one of the most crucial aspects, especially if the job you need it for will mean holding it for extended periods. Does the drill feel balanced when holding it?

To gauge the power, you look at the voltage. The higher the battery voltage, the more power you will get. Coming back to comfort, the higher the battery voltage, the heavier the battery, so this is something to consider.

The speed settings are also important. Most cordless drills have a low and high setting. The low setting is ideal for screws, and the high setting is for drilling holes.

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