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Home tool kit

Having a tool kit handy in your home can be a great way to help you get those DIY jobs done around the house. But what tools are needed in a home tool kit?

Screwdriver- one of the most used tools in your home. Needed to tighten screws, open and change batteries on a toy, or to fix a shelf or cupboard. Get a variety of sized and those with different ends to make it easier.

Hammer- Hammers are handy for hammering nails into the wall to hang up a new picture or wall hanging. you may require a hammer to fit together a new item of furniture. Get a hammer with a rubber stopper at the end which will help reduce denting wood.

Drill- these are a great investment if you are looking to do more larger DIY projects as they can save time. Drills can be difficult to use if you haven’t used one before so getting someone to help you first is a good idea.

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