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Gift Ideas for DIYers

We’ve all got that friend or relative who loves to work on DIY projects. Finding great gifts for these people that love to tinker or just work with their hands can be challenging but we’re here to help.

A Utility knife can be a cost effective gift. They are lightweight, and easy to carry and use. Can be invaluable for tasks like hanging wallboard, trimming wallpaper, cutting cardboard, plastics sheets and ceiling tiles just to name a few.

A Titanium Nitride Drill Bit kit can be used to tackle everything from wood to metal. The titanium nitride coating is great for thinner steels and non-hardened metals. 

Any handy person needs a great pair of Wire strippers and cutters. A pair with insulated handles will ensure you don’t get shocked by the wires you’re working with.

Any good DIYer will be organised so anything to help keep their workspace tidy will be a hit.

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