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Essential tools for carpenters

If you are just starting out in the carpenter trade, or have been doing it for years, there are a few essential tools that will make your job easier.

Having a high power cordless drill is so vital for fixing bespoke cuts of wood securely. Look at getting one with a higher capacity battery, that way it won’t let you down when you are half way through the job. It’s important to get one that has a brushless motor so it can offer more power over other standard drills.

A router kit is very important when it comes down to producing high quality, fine finishes on woodwork projects. A standard kit usually includes a base plate, a collet, an adjustable wrench, a guide bushing and dust bag (essential for minimising mess). This tool is so helpful to get a clean finish along the edges of wood products.

An electric sander is a massive time saver when working on smaller surface jobs such as skirting boards or door lining. Meaning less manual hard work, so much more time efficient. Electric sanders are great for reducing time, however you will still need to do the smaller parts by hand with regular sandpaper.

A GRABO handheld vacuum lifter is a fantastic tool for assisting you with lifting countertops, doors and large panels of wood. It’s lightweight and has no issues lifting items up to 170kg. The vacuum allows the handle device to suction onto the panel and creates an easier way to lift and move large cuts of wood.

Kreg K4 Jig is very easy to use for creating pocket holes, which are perfect for joining together your timber projects, and make a handy tool to have for carpenters. With the added benefit that they give you accurate measurements every time, meaning your bespoke work will be seamless.

A new angle grinder with a metal cutting disc is a great multipurpose tool featuring both power and safety, making this tool one of the best investments for carpenters who work with metals or wood on a regular basis. The speed of this grinder will help get the materials cut quickly and neatly, all whilst helping to create the perfect angles to join the wood or metal.

Last but not least, one of the most important pieces of equipment is a portable work bench. A work bench will allow you to cut, shape and sand the wood at a better level so you aren’t bent over on the floor. A workbench provides a steady surface to plan and measure wood lengths and cut angles correctly and efficiently.

With all these tools you will be able to take on any carpenter jobs, and feel confident as you will have all of the essential tools at hand. You may also find you get jobs done more quickly and efficiently due to the ease of using these tools. And therefore the investment into the equipment pays off as you will gain more money from completed jobs.

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