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How to Loosen the Ink in a Ball Point Pen

One of the most widely used inventions on the planet. The ball point pen is an extremely applicable product. It does have a weakness though, and that’s its tendency for the ink to dry inside, making it unusable. There is a solution to this issue though. In fact there are several. Here are some of the methods you can use to loosen the ink in a ball point pen and get it... Read More

How to Cut Copper Pipes – Hacksaw

There are several different ways you can cut copper pipes. All of them work effectively, but the method that is used is usually dependent on the tools available. Using a Hacksaw While it is the least recommended method of cutting, it is possible to cut a copper pipe with a hacksaw. Granted, it is one of the most common tools available,  but when a copper pipe is cut with a... Read More

Maintaining Air Tools

Air tools should be regularly lubricated and cleaned in order to maintain a high functioning standard. Especially important is the removal of excess water and debris. Water contamination and debris build up are some of the most common threats to air tools. A common misconception is that if you regularly drain the air tank in a compressor, you are protecting an air tool from... Read More

Why Plumbing is a Good Career

Plumbing is a fulfilling career. First off because you get to exercise knowledge and innovation by creating with your hands and second because it pays well. Most plumbers learn while on the job. Though you may be required to attend classes for a duration of time, most of the time you get on job training. Unlike other careers that require you to spend four years in class, spend... Read More

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Used in many mobile devices, hand-held controllers and portable equipment, lithium-ion battery packs are a common feature of many tools. Their ability to be powered directly from a mains source is a great advantage, circumventing the need for disposable batteries and unnecessary waste. However there is a downside to ‘Li-on’ batteries, which is their lifespan.... Read More