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Tools professionals and amateurs use for home and garden improvements

Storage Containers And Solutions

Storing your equipment is often an overlooked aspect of general home-improvement. Be it cleaning equipment, car repair tools, kitchen utensils, a well organised set of tools will make the job they are being used for that much quicker. You wont need to try and remember where you left them, and they will be accessible and ready to use quickly. So any suggestions? What are... Read More

The Best Cleaning Tools

Cleaning is just one of those every-day jobs that most of us want to get over and done with as fast as possible. So what are the best cleaning tools that help get those cleaning jobs done quickly and efficiently? Scrub Brush. A basic wooden scrub brush, with strong synthetic bristles  is great for cleaning those tough stains and solid grime. Wet/Dry mop. A mop like this can... Read More

The Ultimate Guide On Buying The Best Power Tools In The UK

Power tools are among the most bought and used automatic-driven machines that do not only make work easier but also guarantee more accurate results. Nevertheless, buying the right power tool for your specific need is not as easy as said since there are many manufacturers who make and sell these tools among who do not follow the stipulated quality and design standards. As a... Read More

Tile Sealant Removers

If you’re doing a redesign of your bathroom, and are looking to redo all of the tiles in the room, then you’ll various tools to do it. A tile sealant remover does exactly what it says; it is a specialised tool which can effectively remove the sealant used to keep the tiles in place, so that you can then remove the tiles. There are a number of different tools which... Read More

The DeWalt DC100KA-GB Cordless Combi Drill

DeWalt has been at the forefront of building tough industrial machinery for decades, and the DC100KA-GB is a fine example of their famous engineering. It’s a cordless combi drill with 17 torque settings, while there’s a fan cooled motor and two speeds, making it perfect for the professional contractor or the DIY enthusiast. This drill will be perfect small and big jobs.... Read More