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When did garage doors get so groovy?

Do you remember when you were younger and you’d walk down the streets to see houses with boring garages accompanying them to either side? They would often have a simple up and over door with absolutely no attractive features whatsoever. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see quality garage doors that add style, elegance and beautify to your home, such as those with timber... Read More

How Replacement Tool Handles Can Change The Way a Tool Works

Replacement tool handles allow for a tool to be customised, changing the way they are held. They are great for making good tools better, and can even change the way that some tools work entirely. Replacement tool handles are useful if the standard ones fitted are starting to become loose. This will tend to happen with some tools after being used many times, but they can also... Read More

Quick Tool Storage Solutions

It’s not difficult to organise tools, however, tool organisation is an essential part of keeping a garage or other area tools are kept in an orderly way. There are many ways to do this, here are a few of the best tool storage solutions. Tool Racks Tool racks are often used in garages, utility areas and even outside. They are a fast and effective ways of keeping tools at... Read More

What Are Weather Strip Systems?

Weather strip systems are used by businesses and home owners when an outdoor space needs to be covered from the weather. They are basically a type of awning that is designed to be more stable than a standard umbrella or lower-grade awning cover. They protect from rain and sunlight and include a variety of features, depending on the model that is chosen. A weather strip system... Read More

Recommended DIY Tools – The Essentials

When it comes to DIY, there aren’t so much any ‘tools of the trade’, but more of a personal preference when it comes to tool selection. Understanding the most useful tools and how they work for each job is part of the DIY process. There are however some tools that builders and craftsman recommend for certain jobs around the home. Set of screw drivers... Read More