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Why a decking is perfect for spring and summer

With the arrival of the spring, many people will choose to install decking as it is one of the best ways to enjoying your garden whilst having ample space to spend time with your dear ones. But why is a decking perfect for spring? Basically, when the hot weather arrives and you have a decking, you can get the most of these seasons as you will have an amazing area for... Read More

Essential Gardening Tools for Spring

There are so many different gardening tools to choose from and it can be difficult to know exactly what you need, especially if you’ve never maintained your own garden before or have just moved into a big house from a flat or apartment where there was no garden space whatsoever. So what tools do you need to keep a garden looking great? Well, these are just a few of the top... Read More

The Titan TTB355CHN – Goodbye Bushy Shrubs and hedges

The Titan TTB355CHN is an entry level chainsaw that’s available at a very good price, and it’s ideal for those keen gardeners who want to keep their mature shrubs and plants looking tidy. Some gardens can get a little bit too wild if they have not been properly maintained and the Titan chainsaw can solve this problem. It’s completely electric using 2000W, while it... Read More