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Are metal laser cutters easy to use?

Laser cutting is a process of thermal separation, so it’s not exactly ‘cutting’ as we know it. The material, when struck by the laser beam, heats up to the point of melting or vaporizing completely. After the laser beam has completely passed the material at a certain point, the cutting process itself starts. The system follows the selected geometry,... Read More

Why are high-speed doors important in the food industry?

Fast doors improve work in areas of passage, as well as the loading and unloading of food. Classified basically in two types, stackable and roll-up, there are multiple applications for these door models and they are aimed at diverse business sectors. Thus, stainless steel models can be found for the agri-food and refrigeration sectors; special canvas doors up to -30Cº etc. ... Read More

How To Sell Your Construction Tools Hassle Free

Getting your construction tools ready for sale is only half of the process. Once the equipment is prepped for sale, you have to consider which selling option best fits your situation. If selling the tools at an auction is the preferred method, then it’s important to understand the contractual obligations of each auction house before selecting the right one. Make to... Read More

How to use a power drill safely

There are many tips and tricks in the building trade, and even basic advice for DIY novices has its place on our blog. We’re going to be talking about power drills today and how you should be using them to complete the job at hand but stay safe at the same time. Firstly, you’ll need ear and eye protection, especially if you’re going to be drilling regularly. Once you... Read More

Things to know when hiring large lifting equipment for a building project

The use of large lifting equipment has become an integral part of the modern construction industry. Almost no building project can be completed without the use of large lifting equipment. However, it is not always feasible for construction companies to buy every piece of lifting equipment required, as it is extremely expensive. For those smaller firms who are trying to keep... Read More