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Benefits Of Investing In Screw Compressors

Screw compressors work efficiently by increasing the pressure of trapped gas on the inlet while gradually decreasing the amount on the discharge. The process concurrently results in an increase in pressure. The equipment comes in two variations, including wet and dry screw compressors. The first model works with the aid of oil in between the screws while the dry type achieves its objectives with the availability of two rotors. Nevertheless, the two reach the same goal but under different mechanisms. Despite the availability of other compressors in the market, below are some reasons you should invest in this type.

The first and most vital aspect is affordable operations. The availability of two options means customers can purchase the one within their budget. As compared to other models like piston compressors, the screw models lower energy consumption up to 30%. It means that you can achieve results within a short period effectively. In case of malfunctions, you can undertake repairs considering the compact body of the machine. However, the likelihood of such occurrences happening is minimal, especially for the wet compressor. Most of the parts are static, which leads to a reduction in wear and tear. The oil plays a massive role in lubrication as well. You will rarely invest in maintenance or replacements.

Additionally, the machine is efficient as you do not have to shut it down when loading or unloading materials. The issue happens in other designs when the reservoirs attain its desired pressure. Also, installation of the inverter, conditioning, and air control is simple and achievable within a short period. The quality of air produced by it is far much better, and it remains constant if you regality switch the filters.

The control panel of screw compressors is far much understandable, and anyone can bring it to the action within a short period. With regular inspection, the machine can serve you for an extended period without presenting problems.

As we’ve already touched on, screw compressors are very good at conserving energy and reducing running costs. Depending on the model you buy, they are usually energy-efficient, and they generate a lot less heat than normal air compressors. As a result, they consume less oil than other oil-flooded air compressors, ensuring minimum oil carryover. They will always serve you well and thankfully, the oil is continuously recycled and reused automatically by the system. You also don’t have to worry about applying oil regularly, which not only keeps your workspace clean, but makes these brilliant machines easier-to-run, and more time-efficient — which is great for your business, no matter the application or sector.

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