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Bearings – The Marvel Of The Engineering World

Most people have heard of bearings before. They are used in many different industries. These are highly precise components, usually designed in a circular or cylindrical fashion, that can increase productivity. They are designed to be durable, reliable, and to handle high rotation speeds. Depending upon the quality of the material used, and how they are designed, they can greatly minimize vibration and noise within most machines. Here is an overview of why bearings are literally the marvel of the engineering world.

Who Invented Bearings?

Philip Vaughan is the name of the person that originally developed the ball bearing. He was a British inventor that also worked with metal. This occurred in the late 1700s. It was used within a groove in a standard axle assembly. Since that time, bearings have been improved upon in many ways. The mass production of bearings has really changed the way industry has advanced. Fortunately, we have learned a lot since the original bearings were made and have produced many different types.

Different Types Of Bearings

There are so many different types of bearings in the world today. The most common of which is a ball bearing. These are used in a multitude of different machines including ceiling fans, refrigerators, DVD players, machine tools, and a wide variety of construction equipment. Bearings are also used in computers, airplanes, and virtually every automobile that has been made. Other types of bearings will include needle roller bearings, cylindrical bearings, and those that are tapered.

Why Are They So Revolutionary?

The primary reason the bearings are so important is that they to reduce friction. They make it possible for different components within machines to spin easily. Whether this is occurring at high or low speeds, they enable us to have the modern machines that we use every day. This is for general machine applications, and are the main reason that gearboxes are able to function.

The development of bearings has been a revolution for modern society. Prior to them, it was not possible to withstand radial or axial loads. If you think of the many things that we use today such as trucks, elevators, and heavy machinery, none of this would be possible without the advent of the bearing. As modern technology continues to improve, the amount of friction will be reduced. Likewise, the speed at which things are able to rotate without generating heat will likely also improve.

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