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All You Should Know About Wire Rope Hoists

A wire rope hoist is basically a flexible rope that comprises of several steel wires. The wires are grouped and twisted around the centre to form strands. The wire strands are twisted together around a central core to form a rope. The core is usually made of steel, plastic or even rope. There are different kinds of wire ropes designed for different uses and applications. These hoists are identified by several parameters including grade of steel used in making them, size, the number of wires in each strand and the number of strands. The following are important wire rope hoists maintenance tips:


The hoist should be inspected at the start of each work session

Over a period of time as the wire hoist is used, it is common for the strands to break due to wear and tear. Eventually the rope’s strength decreases. To avoid accidents or injuries in the line of duty or during operations, it is important to inspect the wire ropes before the start of any type of work or operation. It is necessary to point out that it takes on a single link in the chain to weaken the system and an entire load can crash down.

The rope must be removed in case of broken wires

In case you notice broken wires during inspection, it is necessary to remove that particular rope. Removing the rope allows you to replace the rope with a new one and enhance the strength of the other hoists and the entire system as a whole.


Check the entire length of the rope and the point of attachment to the load

Most wire ropes tend to break at the point of attachment to the load. This is usually caused by the pressure on the hoists. In order to prevent unexpected breakdowns or the ropes rupturing in the middle of an operation, it is essential to check the entire hoists from the point of attachment up to the load.


Check out for loose loops, rope deformation and corrosion

In some circumstances, wire ropes tend to get rusty. Rust is not good for these ropes as it makes them weaker and can break at any time. Therefore, it is important that corrosion, deformation or loose loops are checked and the rope be totally removed. This is very important in ensuring that the remaining ropes are in good shape.


When choosing the right wire rope hoists for your application requires a few considerations as can be seen below:

Frequency of lifts you expect from the hoist

This simply refers to the lifts you are going to use the hoist to lift to complete the task at hand. This depends on the type of cargo or the number of items you intend to lift using the hoist.


The weight the hoist will handle

It is important to consider the weight that will be handled by the hoist on a regular basis. This will enable you to determine what the hoist can handle and what it cannot handle. This will help you prevent overloading and overworking the hoist.

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