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A Single Drum Lifter Forklift Attachment Is A Wise Investment

A single drum lifter forklift attachment is a wise investment for your manufacturing facility or warehouse. This is especially true when it comes to safety and security in the workplace. You need something to move around those steel drums, which weigh approximately 50 pounds empty and up to and over 500 pounds when full. You’ve got choices, but the single drum lifter forklift attachment is certainly a great option.

Hand trucks and other types of equipment aren’t what’s best suited for this type of job. Those hand trucks can handle other items, but when it comes to heavy steel barrels, forklifts are recommended. The forklift drum attachment makes moving these barrels simple and easy. What simplifies such a heavy-duty task is the design of these attachments and the fact that a forklift is great for moving heavier items.

For some attachments, there is a clamp that is used as a connector for the top of the steel drum. This helps secure the drum while it is being transported to another location. Another attachment option is one that features a side clamp. The standard is the top clamp, but it depends on which type of attachment you want. Of course there are also handles that close against the drum and provide that firm grip.

There are those cases when you need even more safety and security when transporting certain drums. There is a third option, and that attachment allows for the clamp to fit around the whole drum, sealed. The safety lock for this attachment must be locked and unlocked by the forklift driver.

Up to this point, we have been talking about the transportation of steel drums only. Yet these attachments can do much more. They can lift plastic drums, and they can also rotate drums for pouring. Some of the attachments are able to rotate the drums vertically to completion, while others only partially rotate the drums. It’s good to know what all you are going to be able to expect out of your new single drum lifter forklift attachment.

How much does one of these attachments cost? When searching for the right product to buy, remember there are different types of these forklift attachments. Think about your facility and its needs. Some of the differences have been explained for you, but you’re going to want to get to know more about each type of attachment prior to making a final purchase decision.

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